Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Guild - Halloween Style!

<br/><a href="" target="_new" title="Season 3 - Bonus Episode: Halloween!">Video: Season 3 - Bonus Episode: Halloween!</a>

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Race Change Goes Live

What is the Race Change service?
Our Race Change service is designed to allow existing characters the opportunity to change their designated race while staying in their existing faction (Alliance or Horde).

Can I use the Race Change service to change factions?

No, faction changes are handled separately through our Faction Change service. For more information, visit the Faction Change FAQ.

How do I begin the Race Change process?

To begin the Race Change process, please visit the Account Management page, select the Race Change option, and carefully follow the instructions provided.

How much does this service cost?

Each Race Change costs $25.00 USD (not including applicable taxes). This covers a single Race Change for a single character.

Is this service taxed? If so, how can I tell if my purchase will be taxed?
Players in select states in the U.S. may be subject to taxation when using our Race Change service. This list includes, but is not limited to:
- New Mexico
- Texas

Can I change multiple characters' races at once?
No. The Race Change service only allows one change per transaction. If you would like to change multiple characters' races, you will need to pay for each one separately.

At what level can I change a character's race?
Characters level 10 and above are eligible for a Race Change. Death Knights will be unable to change their race until level 60.

Will this service allow me to customize a character and select a different name once its race has been changed?

Yes. Each Race Change purchase will also provide the target character with an included re-customization and optional name change.

Am I allowed to choose any race regardless of what class I play?
No, the new race you choose must be compatible with your current class.

Can I use this service to change the character back to its original race?
Absolutely; however, this will require purchasing another Race Change.

Will I be able to select Cataclysm races and class combinations for a character once they're available in game?
Details are not available at this time. As development continues, though, we hope to provide more information.

How often can I change a character's race?
You may change a character's race every three days.

What happens after I initiate a Race Change?

Once your payment has processed and after you have remained logged out of the game for at least 30 minutes, you will see a new button to the left of the character's name upon next login. Clicking on this button will allow you to select the character's new race, as well as customize the character's look and name. These steps will greatly resemble the character creation process.
To complete the Race Change, press the button labeled "Click to change your character's race" and confirm your selections. If you do not wish to change the character's race immediately, you may do so at a later time.

What will happen to the character's old name?

If you opt to change the character's name, the name will be locked from use on the realm for 90 days. You are not required to change the character's name, though; this is simply an option we provide included with the Race Change.

What will happen to the character's equipment when I change its race?

Equipment will be unaffected by the Race Change.

What will happen to the character's mounts when I change its race?

Mounts which are not considered race-specific will remain unchanged by this process. Race-specific mounts will be exchanged for a cross-race equivalent. You can view a full list of race-specific mounts and their equivalents here.

What will happen to the character's non-combat pets when I change its race?

Non-combat pets will not be affected by this process and will be available once the character's Race Change completes.

What will happen to the character's achievements when I change its race?
Achievements will remain unchanged by this process.

What will happen to the character's titles when I change its race?
Titles will remain unchanged by this process.

What will happen to the character's reputation levels when I change its race?
Upon changing races, the reputation level associated with the character's previous race will be switched with that of the character's new race.
All other reputations will be unaffected by the change.

What will happen to the character's quests when I change its race?
Quests which are active in the character's log at the time of the Race Change will be cleared and all quest items associated with these quests will be destroyed.

What will happen to the character's flight paths when I change its race?
All flight points are unaffected by the change.

What will happen to the character's "Friends" and "Ignore" lists when I change its race?
The character's "Friends" and "Ignore" lists will be unaffected by the change.

What will happen to the character's Guild and Arena team(s)?

A character's Guild and Arena team will be unaffected by the change.

Can I use the Race Change service if I am a Guild leader or Arena team leader?

Yes. The character's Guild and Arena teams will be unaffected by the change.

What will happen to the character's honor and Arena points?

Any honor points, Marks of Honor, and lifetime honorable kills will not be affected by this process. Earned Arena points will carry over, as well; however, any pending Arena points accrued after the last maintenance period but before your Race Change is initiated may be lost.

Where will the character be located after the Race Change is complete?

Once the Race Change is complete, the character will be moved to the capital city of its new race.

What will happen to the character's Armory profile?

Once you have completed the Race Change process, the character's Armory profile will be updated to reflect any racial, gender, or name changes. Please note that our Armory system is still in beta at this time, so the character's profile may not immediately display the updated information.

Will this service share a cooldown with the Character Transfer, Character Name Change, or Character Re-Customization services?

No. The Race Change service will not share its cooldown with any of these services.

Will this service share a cooldown with the Faction Change service?

Yes. If you perform a Race Change, you will not be able to perform a Faction Change for three days.

Can I purchase a Race Change for a character that has a pending Name Change or Re-Customization or is in the process of being transferred?

No. Before you can initiate a Race Change for a character, please complete any pending Name Changes, Re-Customizations, or Transfers. These pending transactions will prevent you from initiating a Race Change.

When will I be charged for the character's Race Change?

You will be charged immediately upon pressing the confirmation button on the Race Change page.

Is there any way to cancel a Race Change while the process is pending?

Because your payment method will be charged immediately upon confirmation, you will be unable to cancel the process once you have pressed the confirmation button and the Race Change process is underway.

Is there any way to reverse a Race Change once it's completed?

No. Once a Race Change is done, it is permanent. You may, however, purchase another Race Change to switch back to the original race once the service cooldown time has elapsed.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Rokk Gets His Pumpkin On

Generally speaking, I don't go in for the World Events. I guess that always had something to do with the fact I was never level capped when the event came along, so I never got to play with the big boys. Maybe it's the cold, maybe it's the pain meds, but I thought Rokk would go and give this thing a try. Maybe not the title, but at least pick up a few achievements.

Boy did he.

First, he helped save Brill from burning down. Take that, Headless Horseman!

Then he took the fight to the Scarlet Monastary, kicked down the doors, and punted Mister Pumpkinhead through the uprights!

As a reward for his pumpkin-bashing, he picked up the Sinister Squashling & Hallowed Helm:

To celebrate, Rokk binged on candy:

That's right, not all events are wholesome and classy...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Free Epic

If there's two words in a WoW Gamer's language that'll send raiders around the bend muttering things about casuals, it's "free epics". The concept that someone who doesn't raid as often, or at all, can get gear that compares to what hardcore raiders can pull down, is a stiff kick to the epeen. Luckily such thing matter not to me, as I just got out of the shower and came to realise that I don't care about the size of my epeen. But I digress.

In this case, the free epic I'm referring to is an epic mount. I know everyone loves the green proto-drake, and why wouldn't they, but this mount is one you don't need to grind faction for. No, this one is as simple as running a daily. That's right, click on a blue exclamation mark, run a quest as simple as one you ran as a newbie orc, and you too can be the proud owner of the Reins of the White Polar Bear

Rokk's Tip of the Day - When running the daily quest "Maintaining Discipline" in Brunnhildar Village (which happens to be the one that got Rokk his Polar Bear mount), you can swat Exhausted Vrykul even if someone else happens to be fighting them at the time. Just run up and give them a tap. It'll count towards the six you need.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Be Kind To Questgivers

Running Daily Quests is great Exercise

I have a new meta-game in World of Warcraft - Speed Daily Runs. The object is to see how fast can I burn off all 25 Daily Quests.

There is a method to my madness. The main motivation being cash money. I'd been playing the Auction House because, well, I don't raid and I haven't run more than a few instances. I therefore needed something to take up my time. Money makes even the virtual world go round, and sometimes it's just as much fun to count gp rather than xp. Also, epic flying won't buy itself, so to the AH I went. I bought low, sold high, and more importantly sold smart. Made some gold, lost most of it leveling up Rukgut's Engineering (twitch spasm twitch), and decided to try a new approach.

After falling off several mailboxes (very few are Tauren approved - who knew?) I developed a different strategy.

There are those who say that "Doing the Daily Quests" is the path paved with gold once you reach 80. That's well and good, but those blue exclamation points are all over Northrend. You could easily cap the 25 Daily Quest limit, but you'd be zipping coast to coast, eating up time that could be used doing something productive like farming mining nodes, filing toenails with a belt sander, or whatever happens to float your boat.

A little research showed me the way to make the most of my Daily Quest run, in the least amount of time. In fact, it was theoretically possible to use all 25 Daily Quests in under two hours. That's about 400 gold with vendoring and such. Do that with two 80's and I've got two words for you: "Cha" and "Ching".

In search for the gold, and the quests, I noticed something. When you reach 80, those pesky yellow exclamation points don't disappear. In fact, you might have to do some of those quest to unlock DQ hubs. That's what happened when Rokk tried to follow the same pattern that Rukgut did for his DQ speed run. Rukgut had taken a little more time getting to 80, and completed more quest chains. Rokk, with the finess of a prison riot, laid waste to the content with the sole purpose of reaching 80. Quest chains lay bloody and broken in the snow. NPC's held their tattered rags against their soiled flesh, feeling dirty and used as they trembled in the wake that the Rokk left behind him.

The Engine of Destruction reached 80, unsympathetic. Now he's eating some crow as he goes back to unlock Daily Quests by finishing quest chains left behind. That's always fun, especially when the person who is supposed to have the DQ doesn't have any quest at all to give you.

The Rokk's Tip Of The Day: Either show some tact and patience on the way up, or you'll have to show even more patience on the way back through the content.

Was it worth it? Well, 600gp for a couple hours work isn't too bad.

Monday, October 5, 2009

A Day's Work For A Day's Pay

Cash is King, Baby. So says Arthas.

I caught a Youtube video on the weekend which described how one would go about burning off all 25 Daily quests in just under 90 minutes. In that 90 minutes, the narrator pulled in about 400gp in the process through quest rewards and vendoring greys.

I had some time on my hands, so why not? Let's see how well this works.

Rukgut was voted as "Most Likely To Have These Dailies Unlocked". Rokk pretty much bulldozed his way to 80, so things like questlines were more of a punchline to him. Ruk was somewhat more attentive, so I suspected he'd be the best one to use to test this out.

Day One: Not as successful. Turns out there were a number of dailies that needed to be unlocked. However, my 90 minute block did net me about 400 gold. That was pretty much from quest rewards, vendoring greys (as well as quest items).

Day Two: A little more success. Hodir's Spear, phallic reference aside, can suck a dick. That's one quest that will be skipped.

Day Three: Not all the dailies were unlocked, but enough for me to make a go of using up all my Daily Quest spots. Two hours later, Ruk was 300gp richer and had completed 19 of the 25 Daily Quests alloted for him. Not bad, not bad at all.

Some tips and notes -

Is there a more effective way of earning gold? I'm sure there is. But when you put yourself on a timeline and go in with a plan, you are constantly busy. Always moving. For people who feel like they've "hit the wall" as far as casual endgame play goes, this is a nice little distraction. Plus, for folks who have a limited time to play, knocking off all the daily quests and making a nice chunk of change in the process ain't nothing to sneeze at.

The Rokk's Tip Of The Day: The Daily Quest Spy Hunter is available from the Sons of Hodir upon reaching Honored status with them. It's pretty easy, simply kill three dwarves that your Spirit Wolf sniffs out. The Wolf moves sloooooow and can take quite a while to sniff out a dwarf, especially if there are a few people running the quest in the area. To make the Wolf move quicker, hop on your flying mount. The Wolf will not despawn, and will move at your mount's speed. So if you happen to have a flying mount with 280% movement speed, your Spirit Wolf will sniff out dwarven spies 280% quicker. Just make sure to keep an eye on him as he sprints around in the snow!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Patch 3.3 PTR Notes

Patch 3.3.0 - Icecrown Citadel.

Or as I like to call it, "Nothing that affects me in the slightest." I guess it's different if you're running the content. Someday maybe. Someday.

Less crying, more updating!

As far as Death Knights go, there's not a whole lot coming down the pipe in 3.3 so far.
* Rune of the Stoneskin Gargoyle: There is now a 1-handed version of this rune in addition to the current 2-handed rune.
* Talents (Unholy) - Night of the Dead: Now reduces the damage your pet takes from area-of-effect damage by 45/90%, but no longer applies to area-of-effect damage caused by other players.

Hey, Rokk runs primarily as Blood! Naturally you can see how the upcoming patch, at first glance, simply has me anxiously awaiting its arrival!


Scanning, scanning... oh hey glyphs.

# Glyphs

* Death Knights - Glyph of Icy Touch: Instead of granting additional runic power, this glyph now causes Frost Fever to deal 20% additional damage.

Wow. Patch 3.3, huh? Think I'll go fishing.