Monday, March 30, 2009

The Rokk Says...

With Rukgut hitting 80 and farting around searching for the Spirit
Beast, I'd lost some of the drive to use him. I needed a break, but who
could I use? The next highest level character I had was one that I
really didn't like.

I wasn't a big fan of Death Knights. Even after I levelled one to 60, I
just left him in Thrallmar. I couldn't get into it. Wasn't feeling it,
so to speak. The class was spreading across servers like locusts, and a
number of people who played the class came off so cocky I wanted to
reach through the monitor and smack the DPS out of them.

Rukgut had hit a wall. Rokk wasn't doing anything. I respecced him and
took him for a walk.

Next thing I knew, he was 64, over 200 in Blacksmithing and Mining, and
his fishing was coming along.

Wow. Who knew?

Rokk is Unholy for the most part, with a ghoul pet. Maybe the pet gives
me that feeling of familiarity of questing alone, yet not really being
alone. Maybe it was that 63 gold elite that I killed back when I was
61. Hard to put my finger on it, but there's a certain level of
satisfaction that can be found by killing something face to face.

In blogging news, BigRedKitty has hung up his blogging tights. Sad day,
but I wish him all the best. If it wasn't for BRK, Rukgut would be

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Breaking Point

No more Spirit Beast. The Ruk has tapped out.

Yep, after deciding to spend hours flying around the Basin to land the beast, and having a Night Elf kill mobs in front of me with HER Spirit Beast, I decided I'd had enough. So I hearthed out, pulled out Nord, and decided to start working dailies.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Everytime I try to get out...

After finally completing the chain quests to the point where the Ruk is no longer KOS to the Sons of Hodir, it was time to start working on the dailies to up the rep on those big goombas. However, AFTER finishing that quest line I wasn't in the mood to see the big guys very much. Time to wander about a bit, clear the head so to speak.

First things first. Leatherworking dinged 440, which meant that purples could be made. What I didn't know was that the purples were not bind on pickup. Made two pair of pants - Giantmaim pants - and put one of them up on the AH.

Next, Nord dinged 79. Since I was thinking about farming mats to try make some gold, I figured I'd get more bang for my buck by bringing up one of the other pets. Back to the Stable with the Devilsaur, out came the Scion!

Cunning pet's special = more mana for me. Good times.

Hmmm, looking for leather and a place where a 77 pet can get xp... The BASIN!

Isn't there a pet that wanders around -

Hush now.

We'll see what we'll see.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Base in the Basin

After running the dailies for, well, a few days, Ruk is finally Revered with the Oracles. He picked up a swanky helmet, as well as the Mysterious Egg. Really not a bad rep grind, as far as grinds go. Quick quests, decent cash (12-16gp each), and it kept me in the basin to grind leather for my Leatherworking. Between the quests and grinds, I'm almost at the point where I can make myself some purple gear.

However, now that my Oracles rep is as high as I need it to be, I can't see much reason to stay in the Basin. I may do some grinding on one set of fast-spawn mobs (as long as they don't get fixed in the patch today), but all in all I think it's time to move on. To be real here, the chance of getting the Spirit Beast is slim to nil. I'm not about to spend five hours flying in a circle, spamming a macro and hoping it'll go off. It was all about the Spirit Strike, and at the end of the day I have to balance the Want for that ability with the Want for Ruk's other things (gear, abilities, pets). Spirit Strike falls short. Goodbye Loque'nahak.

Besides, Gondria is coming out in 3.1 and I'm guessing the spawn rate will be much better for him.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's Been One Week Since You Looked At Me...

Unacceptable. However, in my defense I've been RL busy.

That part aside, let's discuss the gains that have been made in the past week.

- Epic Flying & Epic Mount. Through dailies and selling everything I could get my hands on, the Ruk now has the 5k flying. Went to Shadowmoon Valley in Outlands and shelled out another 200 gold for a 280% speed mount. Handy.

- Albino Devilsaur. Regardless of the other pets, it looks like Devilsaur is still topping the DPS charts. But since everyone and their gnome has the dark one, the Ruk went out to Un'Goro Crater and tamed Nord, the albino. He currently sits at 76, almost 77. We've been using him to grind the basin.

- Leatherworking. Currently sitting at 434. I'll be damned if I'm going to spend 25 gold on 5 Heavy Borean Leather in the AH. Might as well grind it on the damn, dirty apes in the Basin. At least that way, Nord's getting xp. Plus the gorillas are the spawn points for...

- Spirit Beast. Nothing yet. I have to get this thing out of my head. It looks cool, and the spirit strike is an impressive visual. But numbers have it down on the charts. We must be more zen and less superficial.

- Wolf. Since not much else has been upgraded, I decided that it'd be good to have an 80 pet in case Ruk was invited to a group. We went out to Storm Peaks and tamed an 80 wolf, Deathnote, and slapped it in the stable. He'll sit there until we get a group, or until Nord hits 80. Or until the future Spirit Beast hits 80. *twitch twitch*

Plan: Grind mats in the Basin, leveling up Nord and Leatherworking at the same time while continuing on the Oracle dailies. The next goal is to have Leatherworking at the point where we can make some purples. Wowhead says that level is 440. Six skill points. That's 60 Heavy Borean Leather, give or take. That's 360 Gorilla Kills.

Monday, March 2, 2009

I Won World of Warcraft

Grinding on Gorillas, no less.

Now to make myself some purple leathers, get a spirit beast, level up my other pets...