Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Slow Grind

- Not much happened this past week, to be honest. Ruk kept looking for the Spirit Beast, made himself gear - Eaglebane Bracers and Swiftarrow Shoulderguards, and farmed mats.

- Halfway out of 78, and the pets are coming along. The Devilsaur is now being levelled for DPS, until I can get the Spirit Beast. Taming a wasp from Sholazar Basin is fine, but targeting can become an issue. I can't imagine any group being thrilled with having to navigate around a giant flying bug. Maybe grinding up one of the wasps from Zangramash might be a better way to go. We'll just put that on the list of things to do at 80.

- Questing is still a little frustrating. Ruk is working through the questlines, and they all seem to end at one elite boss. They're not listed as group encounters, but still... what a pain.