Monday, March 30, 2009

The Rokk Says...

With Rukgut hitting 80 and farting around searching for the Spirit
Beast, I'd lost some of the drive to use him. I needed a break, but who
could I use? The next highest level character I had was one that I
really didn't like.

I wasn't a big fan of Death Knights. Even after I levelled one to 60, I
just left him in Thrallmar. I couldn't get into it. Wasn't feeling it,
so to speak. The class was spreading across servers like locusts, and a
number of people who played the class came off so cocky I wanted to
reach through the monitor and smack the DPS out of them.

Rukgut had hit a wall. Rokk wasn't doing anything. I respecced him and
took him for a walk.

Next thing I knew, he was 64, over 200 in Blacksmithing and Mining, and
his fishing was coming along.

Wow. Who knew?

Rokk is Unholy for the most part, with a ghoul pet. Maybe the pet gives
me that feeling of familiarity of questing alone, yet not really being
alone. Maybe it was that 63 gold elite that I killed back when I was
61. Hard to put my finger on it, but there's a certain level of
satisfaction that can be found by killing something face to face.

In blogging news, BigRedKitty has hung up his blogging tights. Sad day,
but I wish him all the best. If it wasn't for BRK, Rukgut would be