Saturday, May 30, 2009

Weekend Update

- Rokk dinged 73 yesterday. Thank goodness. It was nice to see some kind of progression, and it was even better to see the better internet connection which let me progress without getting killed in the face repeatedly. I have the option (read: quest) that takes me to Grizzly Hills, but it might be more beneficial to keep working on the Wyrmrest Accord rep. Doesn't really matter either way I suppose, as long as there's XP to be had.

- Took Rukgut for a spin, and to farm some goodies for the AH. You know you have burnout when, despite the fact the character has a green proto-drake, you still can't get yourself to use him.

- Only a few hours before Blizzcon Tickets - Round Two. I'll have my finger hovering over F5, and the other four fingers will be crossed.